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Hot Air Balloons

Information About Hot Air Balloons That You Must Know


Riding on a hot air balloon Phoenix is one of the things that most of us want to do. The experience will surely be worth it. Being able to go up in the sky and view the place on the top will surely be a great experience. When we see hot air balloons on pictures, we surely love its beautiful colors. Farm animals are the first to ever ride a hot air balloon. If you're planning to ride in a hot air balloon one day, make sure to read the following information to ensure that you're ready to ride one.


1. The first passengers to ride in a hot air balloon are sheep, duck, and chicken. The flight happened on Sept. 19, 1783. The purpose of that flight is to determine that breathing is possible at higher elevations. With that experiment, they were able to prove that humans can go safely at higher elevations.


2. The first flight where humans were the passengers took place on Nov. 21, 1783. That hot air balloon was made by Montgolfier brothers.


3. Balloon pilots must be able to obtain a license. They must undergo several hours of training and other related instruction and pass certain examinations before they are given a license to operate a hot air balloon. The pilot must know how to move the balloon to the right direction no matter how the wind blows.


4. The longest flight on a hot air balloon festival happened on Jan. 15, 1991, where the travel started in Japan and the destination is Northern Canada.


5. It's not possible to ride a balloon during rainy days because the water that drops into the balloon fabric can boil easily due to the heat and can destroy the fabric.


There are still lots of interesting facts about hot air balloons. However, nothing is more interesting and exciting when you and your family or friends are flying up high on a hot air balloon. The experience will surely be worth remembering and it can't be compared with other adventures that one might have already experienced.


And if you have decided to ride in a hot air balloon, make sure to follow the guidelines and instructions given to you to ensure that your ride will be safe and smooth.


Once you're up, you can see the world in a different view. As long as you're with a qualified hot air balloon pilot, you can rest assured that your adventure will be safe and fun. Check out for more information.